Wednesday, June 24, 2009

let's get physical

my muscles ache...arg been long tym since i've d0ne tae bo..yep been excercsing ds past few weeks oping 2 get results a.s.a.p...lolz

g0t an0ther instructi0nal vid,a check it out my heart out...hehe

ayt n0w i'm g0nna sleep dance l8r*wink*

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Woke up at 2am

Just woke up reaching 4 my fone,searching if someone pm'ed or txted me...still sleepy ayt n0w..*yawn*

*got dis message fr0m a guy i like askng me what i was d0ing late at night when i was already busy sn0ring..sheez we can't find time to text each other lately..he's too busy right n0w while i am dreaming ab0ut him n my sleep *wink*

*i miss my m0m..s0rry f0r n0t visiting y0u this past few weeks...guilty as charged..iloveu m0m

*i miss myself cooking..*sigh* g0tta find an0ther recipe 2

gotta an early duty today.ope 2 see my frends later...have a drink and silly c0nversati0n*wink* m0rnyt ;P


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