Saturday, December 26, 2009

sAy gOodByE

we're here in san francisco quezon,attending my uncle's funeral...its sad bc0z we're celebr8ng xmas at the same time m0urning for my uncle's lost....

im praying that werever he is,he is n0w at peace...

You will be greatly missed tito honey....i love y0u..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My life Starting t0day...

2 m0s. after my last p0st,i decided 2 follow my dreams...well,it g0t me 2yrs to realize that i need to get out of my c0mfort z0ne and start to live my life....

When an opportunity kn0cked on my door, i didnt hesitate on grabbing it. I packed my bags and acquired a new mailing address.. From being a customer service asst. I became the pr0gramming asst. of the Hallmark channel...

Its been my 3rd m0nth in this j0b and i can say that i am ok in this field. My kind of w0rk is not that interesting,but with the people ar0und me and th0se i am meeting, i can h0nestly say that its turning alright...

My goal as of n0w is to be a regular employee of this c0mpany and get a higher p0siti0n after a year or so. I plan to study on h0w to edit and create plugs, so I can apply for a producer positi0n if there's one available..

I know that these plans relies on my hand so I will do anything f0r this to materialize,making me a successful v0yager of my adventures in life *wink* *wink* cheesy....hahaha

Monday, August 10, 2009

it's wasn't enough for me

*sigh* *sigh* and *sigh* much as i want to blurt out what i'm feeling right now, i just couldn't put it into words..i'm feeling depressed and tired at the same time but in my mind i know that i could not stop...i have so many things to do and reports to finish. I feel as though my effort is not enough and i'm not doing anything here at work...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i feel so down ayt now..wish i could cry...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Passing 'd time

Haven't dcided on the title yet..w0ke up at 3 in the m0rning,needed 2 recharge my f0ne then receiving a l8 reply fr0m a friend..

Can't think of things 2 talk about..*sigh* still sleepy...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

let's get physical

my muscles ache...arg been long tym since i've d0ne tae bo..yep been excercsing ds past few weeks oping 2 get results a.s.a.p...lolz

g0t an0ther instructi0nal vid,a check it out my heart out...hehe

ayt n0w i'm g0nna sleep dance l8r*wink*

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Woke up at 2am

Just woke up reaching 4 my fone,searching if someone pm'ed or txted me...still sleepy ayt n0w..*yawn*

*got dis message fr0m a guy i like askng me what i was d0ing late at night when i was already busy sn0ring..sheez we can't find time to text each other lately..he's too busy right n0w while i am dreaming ab0ut him n my sleep *wink*

*i miss my m0m..s0rry f0r n0t visiting y0u this past few weeks...guilty as charged..iloveu m0m

*i miss myself cooking..*sigh* g0tta find an0ther recipe 2

gotta an early duty today.ope 2 see my frends later...have a drink and silly c0nversati0n*wink* m0rnyt ;P

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Re: hu u gf nia toh

i really hate you.. i think all my tears have dried up..i couldn't even feel sorry for myself anymore.. just stupidity i guess.. trusting you that i was the only one..for two and a half years i was blinded by my love for you and with just a message from you, from your "girlfriend" asking for who am i, all that trust was shattered. I don't know if you just wanted to end this thing that's why you did it or its just really your girl replying to me.But whatever it is, i don't want to know anymore. i gave you my heart but you couldn't take care of it. ..

Sunday, March 22, 2009


well i thought of writing to you now cause something good happened. My friend came home and i was surprised when he visited me here in the branch a while a go. Well i was so happy, that even my co-worker noticed it. hehehe i kinda get "kilig" about it.hehehehe

Friday, March 13, 2009

change of scene

Got the news from our manager that i will be transferred in another branch which is a bus (3 hr. ride) away from my house. Well right now i am still confused whether to accept it or just resign (again) from this company. It'll be impractical for me right now if i resign because of the crisis our country is facing, but reality wise, it'll be a hassle (can't think of the right term for it). I mean, i think i'll be facing a financial blow because i still have to think of payment for lodging and food as well as my transportation fare. i don't know what to do right now...........

Thursday, February 5, 2009

oatmeal cookies anyone?

I was planning to go to Lucban during my off but i woke up late in the morning so i decided to just stay home and be a couch potato. When i watched boy & kris, they, particulary kris and that chef (sorry can't remember his name) were baking oatmeal cookies. I was watching them and i found that that it was very easy to make. With nothing to do i went out and bought the needed ingredients for my oatmeal cookie recipe. I was not sure about the exact measurement of my ingredients but it did turn out well and are pics of what i've created. The first batch got burned..hehehe but these are the perfect! I packed 3 cookies for my niece moesha and brought some for my mom and my relatives in capistrano with a half gallon of ice cream YUM!

Friday, January 23, 2009

la masabe

i want to eat pasta today..haiz makapagluto kaya sa haus??niweiz just droppin' by..wala pa ko maicp sa ngaun pa rin kasi ang nasa isip ko so ang panget naman kung yun na naman ang topic ko..hehehe cge later na lang...

Monday, January 19, 2009

no hEAr..nO sEe..

2 araw na ang dumaan pero la pa rin ako naririnig sa kanya..ako na lang ba talaga ang umaasa o ganun lang siya kamanhid??haiz...kagabi ko lang narealize kung gano umikot sa kanya ang mundo ko..halos buong gabi akong hindi makatulog, dahil wala akong maisip wala akong magawa. para akong bilanggo na ngaun lang nakalabas ng kulungan..di alam kung san pupunta...di alam kung san magsisimula..

Monday, January 12, 2009


***Got the news from my sis...Di pa daw fully recovered ang mom namin.. Di pa kami sure kung icoconfine pa ba o iuuwi na namin. Gusto na kasi umuwi ng mom ko, kaya lang kung ganun naman na di pa siya stable, mas good decision siguro na dun muna siya sa hospital...hai...sana maging ok na, if not now sana as soosn as possible...

***We had to stop na.Although mild lang naman na case and just for the time being lang, parang nakakakonsensiya pa rin. Di naman kasi serious e, inip lang siguro. Parang magkaibigan na nagtutulungan kaya lang sa part na hindi naman dapat kasi pareho kaming attached na. Magulo ba?Ako din kasi naguguluhan. Ewan ko kung ako lang paranoid,palitan lang naman ng text. Kaya lang..hai...ang aking konsensiya, kinakatok na puso ko.waaaaaaaaaaa

***Nag iisip na ko sa relasyon namin. Selfish nga yata ako.Hartless talaga...Kasi naman parang di ko na siya maiintindihan. Damn those excuses... So simple yet hindi ko matanggap..Pag gumagana kasi ang logical side ko, iniisip ko parang imposible. Pero pag yung puso ko, sinsabi lang niya na magtiwala lang ako at intindihin siya. Ganun nga cguro pag ang bunso nakahanap ng panganay. Isang naghahanap ng buong atensiyon at ang isa naman handang ibigay, yun nga lang, sa panahong hindi siya kailangan ng pamilya niya.Pilit ko man pinapapintindi sa sarili ko na "hoy girlfriend ka pa lang, wag ka masyado demanding!", parang ayaw niya o ayaw kong tanggapin. Minsan iniisip ko kung bakit pumayag siya na ganun set up namin tapos di niya naman kayang panindigan. Nababatukan ko naman ang sarili ko kasi pati naman ako pumayag di ba? hai..hirap iexplain.. Siguro may factor na iba yung kinalakhan namin set up ng pamilya. Sa amin kahit babae basta kayang gawin, pinagagawa. Sa kanila naman hangga't kaya ng panganay siya ang gagawa.Nagets mo ba?hehe May other factor din na di na ko masatisfied...pero i'd rather not talk about it here...basta ngayon im thinking of a way para masoslusyunan kung ano man ang iniaaray ko.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Can't wait for the clock to strike four in the afternoon....Can't wait to see my mom....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baked Macaroni for New Year's Eve

I got an idea from a website forum on what to cook for New Year's eve and it was superb with a little alterations on the ingredients and procedure since were in a tight budget and we prefer the "not-so-sweet" style of pasta. I was so happy that it turned out good even though it was my first time to make it. Here it is:

Bake Macaroni ala Madz

1 k elbow macaroni
1/2 k ground beef
1 big pack of pasta sauce ( i used Hunt's Parmesan and cheese)
salt and pepper to taste
1 pack Cream of mushroom (i used knorr product. follow the directions at the back)
grated cheese (i used eden quick melt)

*****Make sure that you preheat your oven


1. Heat your pan. Saute your ground beef until it is slightly cooked. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix in onion and garlic and saute it until beef in gray in color or already cooked.

2. Pour in your pasta sauce. Add salt and pepper to taste.

3. Add the cream of mushroom and bring to a boil. Set aside.

4. Cook your macaroni according to the directions at the back of the package. I prefer cooking it half-done so that it will be not over-cooked in baking.

5. Place your macaroni in your desired container and mixed it with the a good amount of sauce leaving some to be placed at the top of the pasta.

6. Put the grated cheese at the top to finish the dish. Make sure that it has been scattered (dunno any other term) well.

7. Bake for 20 mins or until cheese melts.

8. Pair with garlic bread and soda.

I don't have a picture of what I've cooked that evening because we were already famished to even take a picture of it..^_^

Friday, January 9, 2009

It Ain't my Day

I created this post last Tuesday with the hope that I'll be starting to post my sentiments the next day - my rest day. But it didn't happen because when I got home, my mom was sick. I got to bed soon as I came home because I was so tired and knowing that our relatives were looking after my mom. At around six in the morning i got a knock on my door and was asked by my cousin about our decision regarding the state of my mom. I found out that while I was sleeping my mom was very agitated and acted strange in front of my relatives. I retaliated on what was happening to my mom for the past weeks due to having no sleep at all and what we did ( consultations with her doctor and albularyos) and they suggested that we need to consult a psychiatrist. It was difficult for us to convince her that it was the best thing that we should do for her to get help because she was stating that it doctors can't cure her and we have no money to finance the hospital bill. But we were decided about it and we finally got her to the hospital. That scene from the hospital when i left my mom in that room was the hardest and hard-breaking thing that I have done to her and to my self. But I have no choice, my hands were tied at that moment. We were advised not to visit her for three days so that she may get full rest and not think of anything or anyone but herself. So we went home, feeling down and hoping that everything will be alright.
At this moment, I am thinking about the things that happened between me and my mom. I felt guilty when I didn't listen to her and not able to love her because I was so angry with what she has done. I regret that I haven't talked to her about my feelings and what was happening to me. I regret that I haven't told her that I understand and I am there for her. Regrets that's been eating me while I'm sitting here writing in this blog. I missed her so much and I can't wait to see her and hug her. I hope that she finally had her rest and be alright when she gets home. Mom, I am sorry for what I have said in that letter and please believe me when I tell you that I really appreciate and love you with all of my heart.Please come home Mom...


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