Thursday, February 5, 2009

oatmeal cookies anyone?

I was planning to go to Lucban during my off but i woke up late in the morning so i decided to just stay home and be a couch potato. When i watched boy & kris, they, particulary kris and that chef (sorry can't remember his name) were baking oatmeal cookies. I was watching them and i found that that it was very easy to make. With nothing to do i went out and bought the needed ingredients for my oatmeal cookie recipe. I was not sure about the exact measurement of my ingredients but it did turn out well and are pics of what i've created. The first batch got burned..hehehe but these are the perfect! I packed 3 cookies for my niece moesha and brought some for my mom and my relatives in capistrano with a half gallon of ice cream YUM!

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