Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spicy Tuna Pasta

I cooked this at home last weekend. I opted to have this because I was too lazy to cook rice..LOL I'm glad it turned out sooooo good and for sure I'm going to have this again and share it with my friends..

Spicy Tuna Pasta


1 small onion - chopped

1 can Century Tuna Hot and Spicy (small can)

1 can Tomato Chunks (small can will do)

Pasta Noodle (I prefer to use the one posted here)

Grated Queso de Bola





1. Put a large saucepot of water on to boil. Add a liberal amount of salt and the pasta. Cook to al dente, about 8 minutes

2. Meanwhile, in a separate pan saute onion until brown.

3. Mix in the spicy tuna. Add salt and pepper to taste.

4. Add the tomato chunks gradually until you achieve the desired texture. I personally prefer the paste-like texture so it will combine well with the noodles.

5. Season with sage, salt and pepper.

6. Drain pasta and add it directly to the spicy tuna mixture.Toss rapidly to coat the pasta well and to avoid overcooking the pasta. Remove from heat and add a handful of cheese. Continue to toss and turn until it soaks up with the mixture. If it turns out too dry for you, you can add a spoonful of water used in boiling the pasta or until you get your desired texture .

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